HPC Python

January 23, 2015

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

ROC 1.900


This class provides intermediate users with an overview of intermediate and advanced techniques for using Python on HPC environments. The lecture will emphasize well known approaches for improving the performance of their Python codes. The lecture will include an overview of when Python can be used on HPC, an overview of numpy, matplotlib, SciPy and Cython, as well as an introduction to the most common functionality of mpi4py.
Previous knowledge of Python and MPI is required since the course will not go into specific details of Python syntax. Some knowledge of MPI is required as the lecture will not go into specific details regarding MPI. Some familiarity with C/C++ is also recommended for Cython.

Here are the links for the slides, exercise files, chat session, and the webcast for the January 23rd, 2015 training session.

Introduction PDF

Numpy PDF

Multiprocessing PDF

Mpi4py PDF



The link for the chat session, slides, and video from the October 30, 2014 session for this course are available below: