We design and deploy the most powerful computing technologies in the world to help researchers make discoveries that change the world.

So why is this important?

Science and engineering enable people to better understand their environment, the human body, the universe, energy sources, and other concepts that improve the quality of life. But science at this scale is incredibly complex; therefore, advanced computing is fundamental to understanding climate and weather, food production, designing new drugs, or safer transportation.

The mission of the Texas Advanced Computing Center is to enable discoveries that advance science and society through the application of advanced computing technologies.

At TACC, we design, deploy, and provide systems and software and work with researchers to answer the tough questions to change the world:

  • How do we develop a cure for cancer?
  • What is the likelihood of a tornado forming?
  • Where should we house vaccines in case of an epidemic outbreak?
  • How do we produce more food for a certain region?
  • How do we develop a more cost efficient solar energy material?

TACC's ultimate science environment includes high performance computing, visualization, data analysis, storage systems, software, and portal interfaces that enable researchers to make these next discoveries to understand the world even better, to design better cities, and to design more targeted drugs. Our skilled experts work with thousands of researchers on over 3,000 projects to help them answer these questions most efficiently and effectively using our advanced computing resources.

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