New User Information
Last update: February 8, 2023

Researchers at UT Austin, UT System, and Texas higher education institutions may apply for access to TACC resources and services by requesting a TACC project and allocation via the TACC User Portal. Detailed information on the eligibility requirements for using TACC resources is available on the TACC web site.

Members of the research community at other institutions may apply for access to TACC resources via the ACCESS-CI project, a National Science Foundation project. Additional information on the types of ACCESS allocations and how to apply can be found at the ACCESS web site. UT Austin, UT System, and Texas higher education researchers may also apply for ACCESS allocations but must do so through the ACCESS web site.

Requesting a Project/Allocation

Faculty, staff and postdoctoral researchers at UT Austin, UT System, TACC partner institutions, and Texas higher educational institutions may request PI eligibility. Graduate and undergraduate students should have their advisors assume the responsibilities of project PI who will submit the allocations request. Academic researchers from other US institutions must request allocations via the ACCESS portal.

Request a New TACC Account

  • Go to the TACC User Portal home and select the grey "Create a TACC Account" button on the right side of the page.
  • Read and accept the TACC Usage Policy.
  • Enter all required fields in the request form. Please note that PI Eligibility should be marked as Ineligible unless you will be a principal investigator on a project.
  • You'll soon receive a confirmation e-mail from TACC at the e-mail address you provided containing a URL to verify your e-mail address. Click on the link to validate your e-mail address.

Your account request will be reviewed by the TACC Accounting Coordinator within one business day. You will be notified via email when the account request process is complete. Users that are PI eligible may then log into the TACC User Portal to create a project and request an allocation. Users that are not PI eligible will need to contact the PI of their project to get added as a user of a TACC resource.

The creation of a TACC Portal Account and ability to log on to the TACC User Portal does NOT signify or allow access to any of TACC's compute resources, e.g. Frontera, Stampede2. You must be added to an active project/allocation in order to log on to those resources.

Training, Documentation & Consulting

New TACC users are encouraged to attend TACC short courses. A variety of courses are offered, covering topics in high-performance computing, scientific visualization, and distributed and collaborative computing. Students are provided with all presentation materials for future reference. TACC staff members also make available and maintain a set of user guides to assist users continue to improve their knowledge of the resources. During normal business hours, personal assistance from the TACC consulting staff can be requested via the TACC Consulting System available through the TACC User Portal. ACCESS users can request help via the ACCESS Support Portal.