archival storage

Ranch, a long-term mass storage solution, has 2 petabytes of online storage for data transfer and capacity for 160 petabytes of offline tape storage. By providing a massive file system for archival purposes, this system serves the HPC and Visualization communities.

Ranch uses Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager (Oracle HSM, previously known as the Storage Archive Manager) filesystem for migrating files to/from a tape archival system with a current offline storage capacity of 160 petabytes. Ranch's primary storage is built on 8 Dell MD3600i based arrays, each with 8 MD1200 enclosures attached, for a total of 96 3TB disks in each of the 8 arrays. Ranch's metadata system is built on two Sun 7420 appliances, with 4 disk storage shelves, 4 high speed read cache SSDs, 4 log SSDs, and 88 x 15k 600GB SAS disks. The high-performance SAM-QFS file system stores metadata and data separately on dedicated devices.

Ranch is appropriate for medium-term storage of input and output datasets for use in HPC and visualization campaigns, and as an extra copy in more comprehensive data management plans. Ranch is not appropriate as the sole storage location for research data management.

Please Note: The Ranch system is not backed up or replicated. This means that Ranch contains a single copy, and only a single copy, of your file/s. While lost data due to tape damage is rare, please keep this fact in mind for your data management plans.

 Ranch User Guide