Creating and Managing Allocations

This page shows how to create projects and request allocations for all TACC Resources. For an overview of what TACC resources are available and more information about using each resource, please consult TACC Systems & Software. In order to create and manage projects, you must be PI-eligible at your institution. Usually this means that you must be faculty, a post-doctoral researcher, or senior staff. All users must have TACC User Portal (TUP) accounts.

There are two key concepts for this tutorial: the "Project", which groups together individuals on a research team, and the "Allocation", which provides all the members of a project with shared access to a TACC resource.

Allocation managers may: * [View existing projects](#viewproject) * [Create projects](#createproject) * [Add users to a project or allocation](#adduser) * [Request a new allocation](#newallocation)

All allocation management is accomplished within the TACC User Portal (TUP):

If you have not yet created a TACC account, click the "Create a TACC account" button and follow the instructions. If you are at any UT system institution, you'll have the option of linking your new TACC account with your local campus ID. Once your campus ID is linked to your TACC account you may use the "Log in with UT System" button to access the user portal using your local campus credentials. Otherwise, choose the "Log in with TACC" button.

View Projects

You can view and control all your projects and allocations from the "Projects and Allocations" page, accessible from the "Allocations" tab, as shown in Figure 2.

Create a Project

Click the "Create Project" button on the right-hand side of the screen, and fill out the resulting form. When choosing a name, select something meaningful and unique to your project. Provide a short description or abstract of your research project - when you create an allocation there will be an opportunity to describe how you will use the resources, so use this area to describe the overall project itself. It is helpful both for you and for TACC to have a good description of the project, as it allows us to better understand the kinds of research being performed with TACC resources.

Once you've created a project, you will see that project listed in the Project Management page as shown in Figure 2. You can review and in many cases change the details of a project by clicking the "View Project Detail" button in the right side of the panel for each project. The project details page also provides a summary of the allocations associated with each project, and how much of the allocated resources have been used. This page also shows all the users associated with the project and allows you to add new users, and record publications and grants associated with the project.

Add Users to a Project

To add a user to your project, click the "Add User" button, then search for users based on name, e-mail address, or TACC username, as shown in Figure 4. To be added to a project, users must have already created a TACC account. When you have found the users you wish to add, click the "Add select user" button. All the users on a project will share access to all the allocations on that project, whether they are computing or data allocations. Users may be added to your project at any time, and once a project is created you can change the users and allocations associated with it at any time, in any order.

Request a New Allocation

To request a new allocation, navigate to the Project Detail page and click the "Request new allocation" button. This will take you to the new allocation page, which provides a list of all available resources. Click the checkbox next to the resource(s) you wish to request, then click the "Submit allocation request" button. You will then be asked for a description of how you intend to use the resource, and for the amount of the resource you wish to request, either in terms of terabytes for storage resources, or in terms of CPU hours for computational, visualization or data analysis resources.

Figure 5. Request New Allocation


Once a request has been submitted, a TACC staff member will review the request to ensure that the intended usage is possible on the resource, that the amounts requested are available, and to verify eligibility for the resources in question. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the allocation has been granted, which will contain additional information regarding how to access the resources in question. We try to resolve most allocation requests within 1 or 2 days, but the process may take up to 2 weeks in the case of compute resources.

Once you have created a project and received an allocation, we ask that you record any associated grants, and any resulting publications, using the appropriate options shown on the Project Detail page. This allows us to account for the contribution made by researchers on TACC resources. In the case of National Science Foundation-funded resources, past publications and grants may be taken into consideration for future allocations decisions.