TACC User Guides

System User Guides

Stampede 2
TACC's newest large supercomputing system

Cloud Computing Testbed

Storage, Data Management
Corral consists of 1.2PB of online disk and many servers providing high-performance storage for all types of digital data

Cloud Computing
Cloud-based computation, providing easy creation and management of Virtual Machines

Lonestar 5 (Cray XC40 Cluster with Intel Xeon)
HPC, Remote Visualization

Maverick (HP/NVIDIA Visualization and Data Analysis Cluster)
Interactive Visualization, Data Analytics
TACC's new interactive visualization and data analysis resource

Mass Archival Storage
The TACC mass storage server provides both short term and long term high performance archival storage.

Cloud Computing

Stallion (Dell Visualization Cluster)
Tiled-Display System
An introduction to using TACC's Stallion Visualization System

Stampede (Dell Power Edge Cluster with Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors)
HPC, Visualization, Data Analysis, Data Intensive Computing
TACC debuts Stampede, the first deployment of Intel's MIC architecture

Data Analysis, Data Management
Wrangler's integration of data analysis capabilities and high availability, replicated storage and is designed for today's data scientists


Access Control Lists
A guide to controlling who sees what and managing access to your files

ACLs on the Web
Manage Access Control Lists via a web interface

Xeon Phi Automatic Offload
A guide to controlling who sees what and managing access to your files

Bash Quick Start Guide
How to manage your TACC allocation: add users, create and administer projects and more

Globus at TACC
How to transfer files to and from TACC using the Globus utilities

Rodeo for New Users

Rodeo Project Setup

Sharing Project Files on TACC Systems
Learn how to create a shared workspace for users on the same allocation/project

Software User Guides

Using BLAST on Stampede
A guide to running BLAST and mpiBLAST on Stampede

Using the DDT Parallel Debugger
A guide to using the Allinea DDT Parallel Debugger, a symbolic, parallel debugger that enables the graphical debugging of MPI applications

idev User Guide
A TACC-developed app, idev allows interactive access to compute nodes to aid developers

iRODS User Guide
A guide to using the iRODS data and grid management tool at TACC

Using MATLAB on TACC systems

Using Modules to Load the Programming Environment
The dos and don'ts of configuring your shell and session start-up files

OpenFOAM on Stampede
How to build and run OpenFOAM on Stampede

Last update: May 14, 2017