TACC User Guides
Last update: November 14, 2021

Lonestar6 Lonestar6 New!!
Lonestar6 is available to researchers at all Univeristy of Texas System institutions.
Hosts 560 AMD "Milan" compute nodes.
Chameleon logo Chameleon
Bare-metal & VM cloud research
Multi-architecture: Haswell, ARM, FPGA, GPUs
System components at UChicago and TACC
Corral Corral
High Performance Storage and Data Management
6PB replicated storage in Austin and Arlington
Direct access on Frontera, Stampede2, Stallion
Frontera logo Frontera
Largest open-science cluster in the U.S.
8008 Intel Cascade Lake processors
Longhorn Longhorn
HPC, Deep Learning
Longhorn supports GPU-accelerated jobs, with single-GPU and multi-GPU nodes.
Maverick2 Maverick2
Machine Learning/Deep Learning
30 GPU nodes, (GTX, V100 and P100 types)
Ranch Ranch
Mass Archival Storage
The TACC mass storage server provides 160PB of both short term and long term high performance archival storage.
Stallion Stallion
Tiled-Display System
Dell Visualization Cluster; 16x5, 328 megapixel tiled display
Stampede2 logo Stampede2
One of TACC's flagship systems featuring Intel's Knights Landing and Skylake processors.