Introduction To MPI Using The Interactive Parallelization Tool (IPT)

Posted by Jason Allison on May 7, 2018 1:05:37 PM

In parallel codes MPI (Message Passing Interface) is the predominant method for communicating data between the nodes of a compute cluster. It is widely used and performs well on a large variety of hardware platforms, and therefore a basic understanding of MPI programming is beneficial to anybody working in the field of high-performance computing (HPC). In this beginner-level training session, we will provide an overview of the basic concepts of MPI. We will introduce the trainees to the Interactive Parallelization Tool (IPT) that is designed for parallelizing serial C/C++ programs semi-automatically. The participants in the training session will be introduced to MPI and will learn to use IPT for parallelizing their C/C++ applications. 

Prerequisites: Experience working in a Linux environment, and familiarity with C/C++/Fortran or other programming language. 

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